Inspired by and for the world's most free-spirited individuals

Once upon a time in Los Angeles, a young lady working in the fashion industry met a well-dressed young man with a desire to create something brilliant and a gift for story-telling. The young couple met regularly over Bud Light Platinums and gourmet grilled cheese to share their adventures and create new ones. During their time together, they realized they had shared talents in creating things, dressing really ridiculously well all the time, and being awesome. One overcast day in June of 2013, they put their heads together and came up with an idea to create something much bigger than themselves. A new venture that will inspire young dreamers to find their own adventure, and benefit those who can't help themselves. A kimono was made, a website was created, lightning struck the earth, and Phraseology was born. A project aiming to bring fresh minds together who want to make an impact on society and support the conservation of California's wildlife. (We're animal fanatics so each collection we release will have a portion of it's proceeds donated to a different wildlife preservation foundation)

Phraseology was created for the dreamers, the believers, nomads, and artists. We pull inspiration found in nature, dreams, hardships, and celebrations, to create clothing for independent, free-spirited individuals. Designed to spark creativity, every piece is hand-crafted to make you feel like an artist. We love what we do and design our collections to satisfy every style craving. We hate the word customer and consider everyone who enjoys what we do, friends. Our goal is to offer our new friends an unrivaled selection of the coolest styles; from vintage to cutting-edge.

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